AI-powered music analytics across multiple platforms
mick southerland
June 28, 2023

There are several apps and platforms that offer AI-powered music analytics across multiple platforms. These tools leverage AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze data from various sources, including streaming platforms, social media, and online music services. They provide insights into an artist’s popularity, audience engagement, and trends to help optimize their music strategy. Some notable examples include:

  1. Chartmetric: Chartmetric offers music analytics with AI-driven insights. It tracks an artist’s performance across streaming platforms, social media, charts, playlists, and more, providing actionable data to optimize marketing and promotion strategies.
  2. Soundcharts: Soundcharts provides AI-driven music analytics that monitor an artist’s performance on streaming platforms, radio, social media, and other sources. It offers real-time data, competitor analysis, playlist monitoring, and trend identification.
  3. SpotOnTrack: SpotOnTrack uses AI and machine learning to analyze data from Spotify and other streaming platforms. It provides artists with detailed analytics, playlist tracking, audience demographics, and recommendations to grow their fanbase and increase engagement.
  4. Chartmetric for Artists: This app specifically caters to independent artists, offering AI-powered music analytics and insights. It provides data on streaming trends, playlists, social media, and audience demographics to help artists make informed decisions.
  5. Soundcharts Insights: Soundcharts Insights uses AI algorithms to analyze data from streaming platforms, radio airplay, social media, and charts. It offers artists and music industry professionals valuable insights to understand their audience, track trends, and optimize their marketing efforts.

These apps demonstrate how AI technology is being utilized to provide in-depth music analytics across multiple platforms, helping artists and music industry professionals make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

mick southerland

mick southerland

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